About us

This is a mitzvah unlike most, it is not one that you do everyday but it is part of our everyday lives. It is not something that we hide or do in private it is out and open for all to see.

We are all part of creating blessings, this one begins with you, in your home. And knowing that every one of my mezuzah case will hold a holy scroll and help someone do the mitzvah of mezuzah is worth so much.


In loving Memory of:


  • Sarah bat Leah Z”L – ‏שרה בת לאה
  • Jacobo ben Moshe Z”L – ‏יעקב בן משה
  • Moshe Yehudah ben Falk Ha’Cohen Z”L – ‏משה יהודה בן פלק הכהן
  • Avraham ben Beryl Z”L – אברהם בן בריל