Kosher Food Bank 

The JCS Kosher Food Bank is the only food bank in South Florida to which those who observe kosher (kashrut) dietary laws can turn. JCS’ Kosher Food Bank provides food to more than 380 families and nearly 100 Holocaust survivors.

Tomchei Shabbos of Miami

Is an organization that delivers Kosher food to families in need without making them feel needy. The organization does weekly deliveries on Thursdays as well as help out families with utilities; operating from South Beach to Hollywood.

CHAP: Learning Rocks Every Day After School for Jewish kids going to Public Schools. Now in 5 locations! Chabad Chayil: Located just west of Aventura and just north of North Miami Beach, Chabad Chayil services the Jewish Community of Highland Lakes with love, with all it’s Jewish needs! Full service boutique synagogue, weekly Shabbat & Holiday meals, cemetery, all Judaic & lifecycle needs in one stop!

Volunteer Opportunities

Get accredited community serivce hours for doing things you love to do! Multiple opportunities at several local Jewish organiations.

K Space

At Kspace we strive to become a second home for the young Jewish community ages 18-30 in the South Florida area. Our goal is to offer an open space for the youth to relax and have a good time while providing them with a path of enlightenment and tradition amongst a Jewish environment in order to awaken and strengthen their Jewish identity. With a board that is comprised of young adults, we are able to reach the youth, by understanding the youth. Through our entertaining and meaningful weekly events, we are committed to offering a means that will ignite the spiritual light found within every young Jewish soul.